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  • How To Choose The Right Maintenance Platform

    When it comes to aircraft maintenance, a maintenance platform is perhaps the most important tool of trade. It is like working a loading bay without a loading platform. It would not really make any sense, now, would it? No, I didn't think so. An aircraft maintenance platform is not only used for the maintenance job but also the repair, overhaul and anything required in the maintenance and repair routine. You may be wondering how something as simple as a platform and some mobile aluminium stairs may improve your routine, so, I urge you to read on.


    No matter what job you are doing on an aircraft, cleaning it or servicing the engine, you need to be assured of a safe working environment and there is no better way to do this than to invest in the best equipment there is. Aluminium is a favourite when it comes to making maintenance platforms and mobile stairs because it is light weight and hardy at the same time. It is non-corrosive, durable and the fact that it can easily be moved around without disrupting the whole work process is a big advantage. Perhaps the biggest advantage. Protecting your crew with the right equipment gives you peace of mind knowing that your equipment is safe as well.


    If you asked any professional technician out there, they will tell you that having the right tools is vital to getting the job done right. If you want professional grade output, then you should work with the best. The best engineers, the best staffers and of course, the best equipment. The versatility of high quality platforms will see your workers do more in a given period of time and as a bonus, your maintenance and repairs will also be more thorough. Different platforms have different uses as well, if you wanted a truck loading platform then you need to find the right platform which suits your trucks size, weight and needs, you can find more information on truck maintenance here. But we want to talk about aircrafts, however the same rules that apply to trucks apply to aircraft maintenance. You need to make sure you use equipment which will be efficient for your fleet of aircrafts.

    Platforms and stairs go hand in hand. So, when you are looking for a quality platform, you should also look for the appropriate maintenance stand as well. Since every maintenance and repair routine is unique for each aircraft, you will need to find a stand that suits your specific needs. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when considering the right ground support equipment.


    You need to be able to depend on your ground support equipment as it exists solely to help you fix maintenance issues rather than create them. Getting high-quality equipment for aviation maintenance such as the ones found here is a must because of the flexibility they provide and being high quality and long lasting means you won't have to perform maintenance on your wing access stand or buy a new one. This will save you both time and money in the long run.


    Maintenance of high-quality aircraft, you need high-quality maintenance equipment to do so and a good quality platform will need a matching stand. Aluminium is always a good option for the reasons stated above. You could get customised stairs to go with your platform.


    The design of your maintenance equipment is imperative to its function. Some maintenance work could work with pre-made stands but some would require you to employ the use of custom platforms and stairs or maybe even a combination of the two. The design will depend on the load capacity, how many people and equipment you have on your platform at a time, the stability, installation restrictions as well as the work area size. Material is also one of the main things that people consider in the design and while there are many options available in the market, aluminium remains unparalleled for its light weight and durability combination.

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